Virtual Operations Command Center

Monitor, control, & optimize operations performance in real-time, securely from a central command center console via a secure, cloud-based hub.



Virtual Operations Command Center. What is it?

A Virtual Operations Command Center is a secure, cloud-based hub that allows you to monitor, control, and optimize infrastructure, utility, and building operations from a central console. Data from sensors and devices provide a real-time view of performance.

We are currently leading research to develop a comprehensive end-to-end Virtual Operations Command Center and need real cases to help us test and pilot this technology. As a pilot project participant, we will work with you to develop an Operations Center that meets your specific needs.

Virtual Ops Screens


What Projects are Suitable?

We can tackle any kind of project, of any size! All you need is an existing source of streaming operational data—whether that is from SCADA systems, IoT devices or field crews.

Possible projects include:

  • Monitoring and managing electric line field crews
  • Monitoring SCADA and IoT data streams with enabled alarm system
  • Monitoring and managing asset location and availability
  • Integrated live analytics and resource dispatching platform


Why Participate in a Pilot?

You could attempt to develop a custom operations center on your own, but as a pilot project participant, you’ll get a head start by building on technology we’ve already developed. You will also have access to our research team and potential research funding opportunities.

Most importantly, you will have a say in key features of the product and be up and running on the market before your competitors.


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