Dr. Michael Lamoureux

Dr. Michael Lamoureux

Dr. Michael Lamoureux is an experienced academic researcher and innovator, with over thirty years’ experience managing research initiatives. He has secured millions of dollars in funding to support his projects, many of which have resulted in new technology currently in use within the healthcare and oil & gas sectors.

Michael is also an accomplished inventor. In 1985, MacIntosh computers didn’t have any capability to record audio, so he invented MacRecorder – MacIntosh’s first recording device. He also created complementary software so that everyday users could edit recordings. Michael achieved commercial success with MacRecorder and enabled MacIntosh users everywhere to record and edit audio.

As FuseForward’s Director of Research, Michael coordinates FuseForward’s Intelligent Systems Alliance, a research network dedicated to developing new systems to optimize the performance of buildings, roads and other infrastructure. As part of this work, he is FuseForward’s liaison on the Ryerson University Smart Campus project, overseeing the development of a campus-wide digital twin and the supporting data platform.

Michael holds a PhD, Mathematics, from the University of California Berkeley. He also holds an MSc, Mathematics, from Stanford University and a BSc, Mathematics, from the University of Alberta.

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