BCIT Smart Campus Initiative

BCIT Smart Campus Initiative

Lecture rooms automatically adjust the temperature based on occupancy and weather. Students train for dangerous jobs safely using realistic digital simulations. Visitors park seamlessly, directed to the perfect spot by a smart app. At the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), the future is smart—and FuseForward is helping to define it.

FuseForward has recently been engaged to provide consulting services and support for the ‘Smart Campus Initiative’ at BCIT. Working with the BCIT Centre for Digital Transformation, the team is reviewing the latest digital innovations and ideas, and determining the vision for a smart campus at BCIT.

The Smart Campus Initiative launched this summer, and the project team is currently in the strategy development phase. During this phase, they will define a vision for the smart campus, propose projects BCIT might consider undertaking, and provide a strategy to move forward with the initiative.

“Over the summer, we have been meeting with staff and faculty from across BCIT to gather their ideas and understand the possibilities for what a smart campus could be,” says Mark Damm, Chief Technical Officer at FuseForward.

“We’ve been impressed with the ideas and enthusiasm we have seen from everyone involved, and are taking these into consideration as we work to outline the vision for the smart campus. We look forward to presenting our findings towards the later end of the year”

The Smart Campus Initiative has launched a microsite to provide further information regarding the initiative. For more information, visit www.smartcampusbcit.ca.


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