Enable Real-Time Ride-Share Operations

The Customer

Our customer is a major urban ride-share operation, with a mobile fleet of over 25,000 units. They manage the distribution and availability of their fleet, with many moving parts.

Some features of their operations include:

  • Managing a network that sees millions of journeys a year.
  • Maintaining their fleet and effectively distributing the work orders of field staff.
  • Providing real-time, reliable visibility into the service for their customers.

Their Cloud Requirements

The customer needed an Amazon Web Services (AWS) based cloud solution that would address a range of technical issues, including the need to:

  • Capture a wide array of data, including streaming data from the fleet, operations data, customer information data, and third-party data such as weather reports.
  • Integrate, connect and streamline eight different applications, including ERP software, location tracking software and work order management systems.
  • Analyze data from across the fleet in order to optimize the service and provide real-time reports and predictions on performance, fleet availability, incident response and usage patterns.
  • Securely store and manage sensitive information.
  • Meet availability requirements of 99.95% to ensure the system supporting the network never goes down.

Our Solution

FuseForward delivered everything required to operate a distributed mobile fleet by implementing an Intelligent Transport solution on AWS.

Fast integration

We integrated all eight applications using our patented methods, which enabled us to complete this phase of the project much more quickly than traditional approaches.

Secure operations

Our Intelligent Transport solution is powered by the FuseForward Cloud Suite, which includes FuseSecure and is supported by ISO 27001 compliant processes. A key feature of this deployment ensured that applications related to the network operations are never exposed to the public internet.

Reliable availability

Using FuseControl, we delivered a system with a 99.95% availability by ensuring that all aspects of the system were built with redundancies. This means that data will never be lost should any part of the system go down, whether it is a server, an application or an integration channel.

Visualization and control

Lastly, but most importantly, FuseAnalyze provided real-time analysis tools and visualization of multiple data sources using one unified dashboard view. FuseControl allowed this customer to ingest over 68,000 daily messages from their mobile fleet location and tracking service to calculate real-time KPIs. Every five minutes our system draws on around four thousand messages (from fleet of 25,000), along with all previous records (gigabytes of data) and calculates all required performance indicators in less than 60 seconds – which gives a real-time view of the network in operation.

The Outcome

FuseForward provides the backbone for the entire fleet. Since the system has gone live it has successfully supported operations of the network, ensuring the customer avoids financial penalties for lack of availability.

From a technical standpoint, the environment we delivered:

  • Exceeded client timelines, delivering the project one month ahead of client’s anticipated schedule.
  • Manages over 20,000 work orders every day.
  • Has an availability of 99.95%.
  • Processes messages from 25,000 fleet vehicles every 24 hours.
  • Delivers a faster system performance than the system already in operation.
  • Is highly secure. At no point are any applications exposed to the public internet.