Digital Twins at Scale with AWS IoT TwinMaker

Digital Twins at Scale with AWS IoT TwinMaker

FuseForward is excited to announce their inclusion as launch partners for the Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT TwinMaker service—a new service from AWS that makes it faster and easier for developers to create digital twins of real-world systems. As a launch partner, FuseForward has enjoyed early access to the AWS IoT TwinMaker service, using it to model smart buildings and campuses, and to support the cloud-based optimization of building operations. 

AWS IoT TwinMaker offers FuseForward additional tools to facilitate the creation of digital twins at scale. A digital twin is a virtual representation of an object or building, which often incorporates data from physical devices—for example, a digital simulation of a building can be used to model the effect of building occupancy on energy use. The digital twin enables operators to make informed decisions about how best to operate the real building using ‘what if’ experiments on the digital twin.  

Components of the AWS IoT TwinMaker service will support digital twin development through secure streaming data ingestion and storage, 3D modeling of building and artifacts including the physics-based mathematical simulations of operations, display of operating data, both real and simulated, and much more.  

Currently, FuseForward is engaged in the development of a large-scale digital twin as part of the Ryerson University Smart Campus project. Dr. Michael Lamoureux, VP of Research and Lab Operations at FuseForward and key liaison on the Ryerson University project, is excited about the benefits AWS IoT TwinMaker will deliver. 

“At Ryerson, we have created a digital twin for one building that incorporates data from numerous electronic devices and sensors. Our challenge now is to build out the digital twin at scale—to expand from a digital representation of one building to the full 60-building campus,” explains Dr. Lamoureux. 

“With AWS IoT TwinMaker, you can easily access and connect to disparate data sources to quickly get started creating digital twins. Incorporating these methods into our existing approach at Ryerson University will enhance our ability to accelerate our work in this space.” 

The AWS IoT TwinMaker service complements FuseForward’s corporate mission: to make complexity simple with automated IT systems and processes. Using patented methods for managing complex systems, FuseForward has developed fast, cost-effective ways to deliver complex IT solutions, including smart campus and city solutions. AWS IoT TwinMaker will support these endeavors and is set to be an exciting new tool in FuseForward’s automation arsenal. 

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