Cloudflare Outage, British Airways $230M Fine

Cloudflare Outage, British Airways $230M Fine

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Cloudflare Outage Takes Down the Internet.

Last week Cloudflare suffered two major outages that resulted in thousands of sites going offlineCloudflare’s CEO Matthew Prince confirmed that the outage was a result of a “mistake on our part.” 

Prince says that the incident is related to a bug in the firewall application that caused it to spin up and consume all of the CPU capacity across all of their systems. 

Hear more of what Cloudflare’s CEO had to say about the outage. 

British Airways Faces Record $230 Million Fine for Data Breach 

British Airways is facing a record fine of $230 million (USD) for last year’s breach of its security systems. 

The UK’s Information Commissioner (ICO) said the incident took place after users of British Airways’ website were diverted to a fraudulent site. Through this false site, details of about 500,000 customers were harvested by the attackers. 

Learn more about what ICO had to say to British Airways and other companies that hold personal data.   

Border-Surveillance Subcontractor Suspended after Cyberattack Revealed Sensitive Monitoring Details 

The long-time maker of license-plate scanners and other surveillance equipment used along the U.S. border was suspended Tuesday from federal contracting by U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials, who cited “evidence of conduct indicating a lack of business honesty or integrity,” federal records show. 

The punishment temporarily prevents the longtime contractor, Perceptics, from doing business with the federal government and could land the company on a years-long government blacklist. 

Perceptics will have a chance to defend itself in the future but will be barred for the time being. 

Mississauga Approves Smart City Master Plan to Guide its Digital Projects

Mississauga has approved a “Smart City” master plan to guide officials on how to proceed with digital projects, enhance online city services and use technology to improve everyday life. 

The Smart City master plan is a framework that will enable Mississauga to create a “more engaged and connected city with data and technology” over the next 10 years. The vote follows unanimous endorsement from the city’s general committee. 

Learn more about Mississauga’s digital transformation 

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