AWS Microsoft Workloads Competency

AWS Microsoft Workloads Competency

We’re excited to be the first and only Canadian company to achieve the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Microsoft Workloads Competency for Technology Partners. This achievement demonstrates that FuseForward provides proven technology solutions and deep expertise in Microsoft Workloads migration and operations.

What Does It Mean to Have an AWS Microsoft Workloads Competency?

To achieve an AWS Competency, FuseForward had to undergo an AWS review of our technical proficiency, customer success and thought leadership when it comes to operating Microsoft Workloads and services on AWS. Our successful participation in the competency launch is proof of our success in this area.

What Microsoft Workloads Do We Support?

We can migrate, maintain and operate solutions that incorporate Microsoft technology on AWS including SQL server, IIS and Microsoft Active Directory, as well as solutions using Amazon WorkSpaces for Windows. Our approach can help you deploy, scale, and manage Microsoft Workloads on AWS quickly, easily, securely and more cost-effectively.

Other ways we support Microsoft Workloads on AWS include:

  • Migration and operation
  • Multi-layered security
  • Disaster recovery services

What is Unique About Our Approach?

We deliver everything required to securely and reliably operate Microsoft Workloads in one pre-packaged, subscription-based solution—the FuseForward Cloud Suite. Our products and services incorporate our own IP, as well as proven, tested technology from leading providers that meet our high standards for security and reliability⁠—including Microsoft.

We use a preconfigured, templated approach for cloud delivery, resulting in quicker deployments and reduced project risk. Our team of AWS certified engineers continue to maintain and operate this environment for you, so customers can focus on their business. This approach means our customers avoid lengthy IT projects, cost uncertainty and multiple vendor management.

What are the Benefits for Canadian Customers?

Headquartered in Canada, we serve customers around the world from our offices in North America, Europe and South Africa.

We are proud to be the first Canadian-based APN partner to achieve the Microsoft Workloads Technical Competency. As a Canadian-based business, we have specialist knowledge of how to address the unique regulatory and compliance needs of Canadian customers. This makes us the best choice for Canadian businesses looking to run Microsoft workloads on AWS.

Where Can I Learn More?

To find out more about FuseForward Microsoft Workload Competency, you can view our Competency Listing, or check out our Microsoft Workloads Products and Services page.


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