FuseForward Obtains Security Certification

FuseForward Obtains Security Certification

What is ISO 27001?

ISO 27001 is a set of international standards and guidance documents that outline a systematic approach to information security management. The standard incorporates best practices for the protection of information, covering everything from employee records through to sensitive customer data.

For FuseForward CEO Mark Damm, the certification is welcome recognition of the company’s dedication to information security.

“Information security has always been a top priority for us,” he says. “Our recent ISO 27001 certification confirms this, while also assuring our partners that the data they entrust to us is supported by internationally recognized best practices.”

Why is it important?

While ISO 27001 certification is relevant to any industry, it is particularly important for organizations that handle sensitive customer data. This includes the cloud computing, data and analytic services provided by FuseForward.

Certification helps an organization to identify and manage potential security risks, while also limiting threats to information security. If an enterprise wants to make sure their vendor’s information management procedures are sufficient, they should look for a provider that is certified to the ISO 27001 standard.

Delivering the full spectrum of security

At FuseForward, we deliver cloud environments that meet the strict standards of industries like healthcare, transportation and utilities, offering industry-leading service availability and fully-managed disaster recovery.

Every cloud environment we deliver is protected by FuseSecure. This includes firewalls, certificates, encryption infrastructure, two-factor authentication, network monitoring tools and more. Our ISO certification is a welcome addition to our existing security offering, ensuring our secure cloud environments are also supported by high-quality internal data-handling processes.

The certification process

To obtain ISO 27001 certification, FuseForward underwent a stringent evaluation process that included information security management system development, documentation review and an internal audit. Certification was awarded to FuseForward by QAS International Ltd, an established certification company that has been operating internationally for over 20 years.

While achieving certification is an important milestone for our organization, it does not mean the end of our security evaluation process. An ISO certified body will be contracted by FuseForward to perform annual audits, ensuring our ongoing compliance and providing opportunities for continued improvement. 

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