ISV Migration AWS Competency; Marriot GDPR Fine

ISV Migration AWS Competency; Marriot GDPR Fine

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New AWS Competency for ISVs Migrating Microsoft Workloads

A new Amazon Web Services competency will validate technology provider skills and experience in migrating customers’ Microsoft workloads to AWS.

We are excited to announce that FuseForward is the first Canadian company to achieve the AWS Microsoft Workload Competency in the operational optimization category.

Partners earning the competency in this category provide technologies that optimize and automate Microsoft Workloads on AWS in the areas of security, availability and manageability.

Learn more about what this designation means for FuseForward.

Marriott Faces $123 Million GDPR Fine over Starwood Data Breach

The UK’s data privacy regulator is planning to slap the world’s biggest hotel chain Marriott International with a £99 million ($123 million) fine under GDPR over 2014 data breach.

In November 2018, Marriott discovered that unknown hackers compromised their guest reservation database through its Starwood hotels subsidiary and walked away with personal details of approximately 339 million guests.

Marriott International’s president Arne Sorenson said the company was disappointed and would contest the fine.

UBC, Amazon Partner on Tech Giant’s First Cloud Technology Centre for Canada

AWS announced that it would launch its Cloud Innovation Centre (CIC) model at UBC in early 2020.

The model, which provides students advanced AWS tools in cloud technology, has been applied in seven other locations ranging from Europe to South Korea. The UBC center will be focused on community health and wellbeing.

Learn more about the first Cloud Innovation Centre in Canada.

Government of Canada Selects Fortinet to Secure Its Enterprise Perimeter Services

Fortinet announced that the Government of Canada’s Shared Services Canada (SSC) has selected Fortinet to secure its Enterprise Perimeter Services to safeguard the Internet edge, including cloud and data center services with capabilities of 100Gbps+ of scalable threat protection for all traffic, for SSC and its clients.

Fortinet’s proven, high-performance security fabric solutions ensure that all elements of the Government of Canada’s end-to-end IT infrastructure are protected.

Learn about this announcement.

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