ANU Staff/Student Data Breach; NASCAR Picks AWS

ANU Staff/Student Data Breach; NASCAR Picks AWS

Each week we’ll bring you an overview of the latest news in cloud computing, cybersecurity and industrial IoT. This week we are focused on a security breach that compromised the data of many university students and staff, and NASCAR choosing AWS to power its cloud and AI projects.

ANU Staff, Student Data Compromised in ‘Sophisticated’ Hack

The Australian National University has been hacked by a “sophisticated operator,” and the data of many staff and students has been accessed.

The university’s systems were accessed in late 2018, but the institution only became aware of the breach two weeks ago. The personal data of staff, students, and visitors to the Australian National University dating back almost 20 years were reported to have been accessed.

Read more about the hack.

NASCAR Picks AWS to Power its Cloud

NASCAR will leverage the power of AWS to migrate its 18 petabyte video archive to the cloud as part of its new multi-year agreement with Amazon’s cloud computing arm.

NASCAR will utilize the full breadth of AWS technologies to build cloud-based services and automate existing processes. Additionally, a new video series on its website called ‘This Moment in NASCAR History’ will be powered by AWS.

Read more about the benefits AWS will bring to NASCAR’s audience and drivers.

Baltimore Calls for Federal Emergency Declaration After Cyberattack

The city of Baltimore’s mayor and city council president are calling for the recent ransomware attack that has crippled the city’s operations and services for several weeks to be classified as a federal emergency and disaster.

According to a report, if granted, the Presidential FEMA declaration would allow for federal reimbursement for damages, costs and infrastructure repairs related to the cyberattack.

Learn more about EternalBlue, the suspected cyberweapon that has paralyzed airports, hospitals, rail and shipping operators, and other industries.

AWS IoT Things Graph Now Available

AWS IoT Things Graph is a fully managed service that helps people build IoT applications without doing any coding. The service allows customers to connect various devices and cloud services via a simple drag-and-drop interface so any user can build IoT applications quickly.

The newly-available managed service grants many benefits to industries as IoT Things Graph will save time and costs in automating and managing industrial processes.

Learn how AWS IoT Things Graph can benefit your organization.

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