Partner Managed Cloud for SAP

Partner Managed Cloud for SAP

FuseForward is excited to add Partner Managed Cloud for SAP Software® as an addition to our cloud environments, enabling us to offer an affordable, subscription-based offering of SAP solutions to the list of applications we can provide.

This means our customers can now easily move on-premise SAP solutions to their cloud within AWS or Azure, or add new applications without the up-front costs associated with on-premise software deployments.

As experts at the forefront of cloud computing, FuseForward offers value above and beyond the standard benefits of cloud-based applications. While any customer accessing a cloud-based application will benefit from features such as pay-as-you-go pricing and increased flexibility, The FuseForward Suite goes further, offering a complete product that incorporates leading security, analytics and application services that are configured to match customer requirements.

Our Founder and CEO, Mark Damm, outlines just a few key areas where we can add value to a cloud-based SAP solution below:

Streamlined Application Suites

“A key feature of FuseForward’s service is that we can integrate any combination of applications, including legacy apps and third-party cloud services, to form a streamlined solution,” says Mark Damm.

This means that we can integrate SAP solutions with any of our customer’s existing applications. By doing so, we reduce the need for repetitive work and can improve the overall quality of their business data.

Added Security

FuseSecure adds an extra level of security on top of the services already provided by public hosting providers, including firewalls, certificates, encryption infrastructure, two-factor authentication and more. This ensures that no defenses are left unguarded and that customer data is secure.

Mark also highlights ISO:27001 Information Security certification as a key feature all cloud customers should look for.

“Our information security certification confirms that any data entrusted to us is protected by internationally recognized best practices,” he says. “Anyone purchasing an SAP solution for deployment in a FuseForward cloud will be protected by this.”

Facilities and Asset Management Expertise

FuseForward provides cloud services for asset-intensive customers around the world, with a focus on facilities, transportation, and utility sectors.

“We have over twenty-five years implementing asset management systems around the world,” says Mark. “Not only does this mean that our cloud platform is proven to meet the needs of the industry, it also means it is primed to handle additional industry challenges, such as streaming data from Internet of Things devices.”


Whether you’re looking to move a legacy SAP application to the cloud, or want to purchase something brand new, we can help. Drop us a line and a short message, and a member of our team will be in touch shortly.

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