Patented Technology that Makes Complexity Simple

Our products and solutions are developed and deployed using our patented system, comprised of leading open source and proprietary software. Three custom-built engines run our patented systems. These engines are built using our technology stacks.’ Every product in the FuseForward Suite uses these three technology stacks in some way.

About our Technology Stacks

Automation stack
Our automation stack is used to script and automate the deployment of our system templates. Whether it’s cloud provisioning, deployment of an application cluster, or a pre-configured firewall, the automation stack enables us to fully automate standard configurations or incremental upgrades to an environment.

Application Stack
Our application stack is a combination of technologies and code libraries, which are deployable as microservices based components. These microservice components are packaged and operated in containers as applications. Containers allow applications to be fully distributed and provides isolation between services, improving application performance and security.

Analytics Stack
The analytics stack is the underlying technology used to handle data ingestion, transform, normalization, and storage of data for analytics purposes. Our analytics environment also includes data visualization technology, a real-time performance indicator system, and advanced data analysis tools. This technology stack provides the capacity to record millions of data points and calculate performance metrics using big-data processing pipelines.

Technology Partners

Our technology stacks incorporate both open source and proprietary technology. We work with a variety of vendors and suppliers, such as:

FuseForward Lives and Breathes Security

Relax knowing that your cloud environment is protected by a multi-layered security system that minimizes entry points, increases data privacy through encryption, and controls access with our ISO 27001 compliant security practices.
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